Regents Expand Diploma Opportunities for Students With Disabilities

Regents Expand Diploma Opportunities for Students with Disabilities; Action Continues Efforts to Provide Multiple Pathways to Graduation

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The New York State Board of Regents today adopted new rules that allow certain students with disabilities to meet the academic requirements to earn a Local Diploma without passing every Regents exam that is otherwise required for graduation. The rules become effective on June 20, making it possible for students with disabilities who are otherwise eligible to graduate, to do so later this month. School superintendents are now required to determine, at the local level, if a student with a disability is eligible for graduation.

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Ramp Camp

Due to Popular Demand
NYSSCA will be offering THREE RAMP Camps this summer.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016, Binghamton University
Friday, August 5, 2016, Bryant & Stratton College, Orchard Park
Monday, August 8, 2016, NYIT, Manhattan.

RAMP Camp Flyer HERE

ONLINE Registration HERE (easiest way to register)

The RAMP designation is based on
“The ASCA National Model: A Framework for School Counseling Programs,”
third edition

“RAMP” stands for Recognized ASCA Model Program. The ASCA Model provides the comprehensive school counseling program standards upon which the proposed NYSED part 100.2(j) revised regulations are based. A RAMP designation would indicate that a school has produced and implemented a standards-based program that meets or exceed the rigorous national standards. Currently, only two schools in NYS have achieved this designation.

NYSSCA’s purpose in bringing the RAMP Camp is to train School Counselors and leaders on the national standards and to help us evaluate our existing guidance plans, identify areas of strength and weakness, and generate some goals for bringing our programs closer to the national standards and, perhaps eventually, RAMP recognition. We are hoping that our administrators will see value in the program and support not only our attendance at the RAMP event but also the ongoing process of bringing our guidance programs up to national standards.

If you or any of the administrators are looking for additional information about ASCA standards or the RAMP designation, these links will be helpful:

ASCA National Model Executive Summary


Please send questions to

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NYSED School Counseling Regulations Update

Dear New York State School Counselors,

On Tuesday May 3, 2016, a delegation from the NYSSCA Executive Board participated in an important meeting held at the New York State Education Department in Albany regarding the proposed amendments to school counselor regulations currently before the Board of Regents. The members of our delegation were:
Dr. Barbara A. Donnellan, President, NYSSCA; Dr. Robert Rotunda, Executive Director; NYSSCA, Gloria Jean, Immediate Past President, NYSSCA; Kristen Shearer, President Elect Elect, NYSSCA; Dr. Carol Dahir, Past President, NYSSCA.

Other attendees at the meeting were NYSED staff members including Renee Rider, Associate Commissioner, and Stan Hansen, Executive Director, OPASS, and representatives from the United Federation of Teachers, New York State United Teachers, New York ACES, National Association of Social Workers NYS, New York State Association of School Psychologists and New York State School Social Workers Association.

The discussion was intended to help clarify language in the proposed regulations based upon the 900+ public comments that were offered to NYSED when the proposed regulations were posted to the NY State Register. The dialogue was rich and detailed in response to revision suggestions posed by NYSED. These revisions involved more careful wording to reduce the likelihood of misinterpretation in the field. The NYSSCA delegation and many others in the room were pleased to find the proposed revisions did not compromise the ASCA National Model standards upon which the regulation is based.

NYSED’s commitment is to prepare a revised regulation and bring this group together again to continue the discussion. While dependent upon other factors that may take priority, the estimated timeline is for this meeting to take place mid-May and for the revised regulation to be presented to the Board of Regents as early as their June meeting with a 30 day public comment period to follow. This would allow a return to the Board of Regents for a vote no earlier than September 2016. To accommodate the longer timeline, implementation dates in the regulation will be advanced by at least one year.

NYSSCA will continue to represent school counselors during this important process and will keep our members informed on the progress. Stay tuned for further developments as they take shape!

Barbara A. Donnellan, Ed.D.
President, New York State School Counselor Association

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