Comprehensive Model

Comprehensive Model

New York State Comprehensive K-12 School Counseling Program

Update: Check out the following guidance plans that implement the NYSSCA Comprehensive Model!

1) Voorheesville Central School District

2) Fairbanks North Star Borough School District (Yes – in Alaska!)

3) Lakeshore School District

NYSSCA is pleased to offer its final version of the New York State Model for a Comprehensive k-12 School Counseling Program. The Model draws together the most cutting-edge theory and practice in professional school counseling from around the country to present a road map for implementing truly effective and accountable school counseling programs in New York State Schools.

In short, the New York State Model for Comprehensive K-12 School Counseling Program is:

  • A framework for evaluating and building local school counseling programs
  • Understanding the student learner and the use of instructional strategies for success
  • A tool for aligning the school counseling program with the academic mission of the school and the New York State Learning Standards
  • A building block for defining the role of the professional school counselor within the school
  • A map for school counselor accountability and effectiveness

New York State Model for Comprehensive K-12 School Counseling Program

Abstract,  Executive Summary, Table of Contents, Preface, & Introduction Available Here

Full Document Available to Members—Click Here

Program Implementation Resources

NYSSCA has posted below information briefs to be utilized by school counselors in presentations to the different educational groups

Why the Model? Reinventing School Counseling for the 21st Century

Why the Need for Elementary School Counselors?

Understanding the Role of the School Counselor:

Board of Education           Administrators           Parents           Teachers           Legislators

Spreadsheets for Graduation Requirements:

4 year Planning           4 year Planning Card           Transcript

Spreadsheet and Contact Logs:

Graduation Requirements Worksheet           Student Contact Log

Teacher Contact Log           Miscellaneous Contacts

Meetings           Parents

Roles and Responsibilities of College Bound Students: Brochure

School Counselor Evaluation: Please note that there are three separate pages for the evaluation form.

Evaluation, page 1           Evaluation, page 2           Evaluation, page 3

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