The NYSSCA Edge magazine is looking for articles for our ‘Back to School’ edition!  The theme of the NYSSCA Edge is “Best Practices”.  We would like to receive articles by June 15th, so we can get this edition ready.

If you have an idea, but not sure how to put it together as an Edge Article, please email us and we can help….you can email Edge@nyssca.org and we will get back to you quickly.

By definition, “Best Practices” are “commercial or professional procedures that are accepted or prescribed as being correct or most effective”. For school counselors, this may include successful small groups, effective interventions, classroom guidance lessons, unique and creative ways to distribute information, etc. A “best practice” may also include how you are implementing aspects of the ASCA National Model into your counseling program.

How have you and your school counseling program implementedbest practices to better help your students?

Do you have a program activity shown to be effective with your students?

Submitting to The NYSSCA Edge is easy! Submission deadline for the Back to School Edition is June 15th.

The submission form is online at:


Just follow the guidelines and answer the prompts.

Have questions?

Contact the editor: EDGE@NYSSCA.org

NYSSCA is proud to announce our NYSSCA Edge, 2nd Edition.

Enjoy…and let us know what you think.  Edge@NYSSCA.ORG

Gloria Jean
Dr. Bob Rotunda
Publications Committee

Andrea Maynard
Edge Assistant Editor

NYSSCA is proud to announce its launch of our 1st edition, NYSSCA Edge. This best practices magazine, by and for professionals in our field is available now to our members. This is our latest in member benefits we are rolling out. If you would like to submit an article, find the link on the back cover of the magazine.

Click on the cover to log in to the members’ only section of the website to download the magazine. The Edge is listed under “Posted Documents”

Enjoy…and let us know what you think. Edge@NYSSCA.ORG

Dr. Susan Dodd
Edge Editor

Andrea Maynard
Edge Assistant Editor