School Counseling Regulation Changes


It is with great pride and pleasure that the NYSSCA Executive Board announces that the NYS Board of Regents today has approved amendments to Commissioner’s Regulations on school counseling program requirements, certification requirements for school counselors, and program registration requirements for school counseling preparation programs. These regulatory amendments will be effective July 1, 2017, with implementation over the next three to five years.

The NYSSCA Board has worked closely with our NYSED colleagues over the past five years to foster this needed change. The amendments focus on the following aspects of recognized good practice for school counselors:

  • Comprehensive school counseling programs and access to a certified school counselor for ALL students in grades K to 12
  • School counselor certification that is meaningful and relevant for our profession
  • Counselor preparation programs that relate to the current needs of students and schools and align with recognized national standards
  • Accountability and reporting requirements for our school counseling programs that align to district visions and goalss

Please take some time to review the approved amendments, which are linked HERE and be sure to stay tuned to NYSSCA for more information, professional development opportunities, and discussion of these critical and timely changes to our professional practice and preparation as school counselors!

A link to the video of the proceedings and vote is HERE. The school counseling regulations presentation by Jhone Ebert starts at 3:20, the motion to accept is at 4:49 and ‘all in favor’ is at 4:52 of the video. It all goes pretty quickly. You might have to turn up your speakers.