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Kerron Kitchen
NYSSCA Government Relations Chair

NYSSCA is working closely with NYSUT to help protect the rights of school counselors employed throughout New York State.  We have a joint Q&A on APPR available to help answer questions regarding what is required for school counselors at this time.  Be sure to check back for updates on APPR as they become available.  Send your questions and comments directly to our APPR Committee Chair, Dr. Barbara Donnellan at APPR@nyssca.org

NYSSCA Government Relations Action Plan
NYSSCA is building a strong Government Relations Committee with representation from regions around the State.  Members of the committee will be trained in how to contact local representatives, members of the Board of Regents and State Education Department personnel.

If you’d like to participate on the NYSSCA Government Relations Committee, please email Kerron Kitchen at: GovernmentRelations@nyssca.org

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