2014-2015 OFFICERS

Gloria Jean

President: Gloria A. Jean


Barbara Donnellan

President-Elect: Dr.Barbara Donnellan

President Elect-Elect:  Rosemarie Thompson
Past President:  Ronald Smith
Executive Director: Dr. Robert Rotunda
Executive Secretary: Tom Wiggins
Secretary: Sharon Comerford
Treasurer: Deborah Rotunda
Membership: Beth Westerheide
Public Relations: Dr. Kathleen Corbett
Director of Marketing: Julie Hogan
Technology Chair: Linda Karman
Government Relations: TBA
Parliamentarian: Elizabeth Peters

Level Vice Presidents:
VP Elementary: Colleen Maresca
VP Middle: Kelly Whitney
VP Secondary: Jennifer Duffy
VP Directors of Guidance:  Jeanne Myers
Board Liaisons:
NYSED PPS Advisory:  Jessica Cooper, Gloria A. Jean
Graduate Student Liaison: Dr. Summer Reiner
Counselor Educators Liaison:  Dr. Susan Dodd
NYS Comprehensive Model, Activities and Crosswalk: Dr. Robert Rotunda and Gloria A. Jean
NYSSCA Newsletter:  Michelle LaMontagne
Professional Journal: TBA
Professional Associations:
NYSCEA Representative: Roger Forando
NYSUT Liaison: Elizabeth Peters and Rosemarie Thompson


Region I: Long Island: Donna Craig
Region II: Lower Hudson Valley: John Cucurullo
Region III: Mid-Hudson: Juana Rivera
Region IV: Hudson-Mohawk: Amelia Gallagher
Region V: North Country-Mohawk: Kandis Griffin
Region VI: Mid-State: Joan Cawley
Region VII: Mid-South: Kristen Shearer
Region VIII: Mid-West: Elizabeth Peters
Region IX: Great Western: TBA
Region X: NYC: Christine Curcio, Rosemarie Thompson, Dr. Gail Reed-Barnett

NYSSCA’s governing board is constituted of elected officers representing all levels of school counselors in the state. Regional governors are liaisons to the ten different regions:


Nominations & Election Chart

NYSSCA’s strategic plan establishes the goals and directions of the organization for the years 2010-2014.

All documents are in PDF file and would require Adobe Reader to open

Strategic Plan

The purpose of the strategic plan it to provide the association with a direction for the present and future of the profession.

Annual Work Plan

The work plan provides goals and directions for the associations work throughout the given year.